Who We Are!



The Global Institute of Electrical Engineering (GIEE), founded in 2011, is a professional Institute dedicated to provide high quality education, training & certification and advancing technological innovation and excellence in the field of Electrical Engineering and renewable energy. GIEE provides a variety of services related to electrical engineering & renewable energy including training programs, courses, workshops, lectures, certification, consulting and many more.


Our mission is to prepare the next generation of electrical and energy engineers and professionals and empower them with high quality education and experience.

GIEE is focusing on the power systems and renewable energy topics by offering online and on-site courses, lectures and workshops. We also provide training for individuals, companies and organizations. GIEE has one of the best team of professors and engineers.


Our Objectives


Providing a suitable environment for members through their accounts on the website, which include access to different sections & resources such as Q&A Bank, On-line community, forums, jobs and many more benefits.


Developing qualified members to enter the labor market and Increasing their marketability through GIEE certification and a variety of courses, workshops and lectures.


Supporting electrical engineers and students and helping them to achieve their goals.


Enable members to publish their work, ideas and achievements on our website and make them everybody's concern.


Our Focus

Power Systems
Renewable Energy 
Communication Systems


Prof.Aymen Lpizra

Prof.Aymen Lpizra [ Board of Advisors, USA ]

Keith L. Jones, PE

Keith L. Jones, PE [ Board of Advisors, USA ]

Mike Roer

Mike Roer [ Board of Advisors, USA ]

Taleb Al-theanat

Taleb Al-theanat [ GIEE MENA Director ]

Prof.Navarun Gupta

Prof.Navarun Gupta [ Board of Advisors, USA ]

Ala' Altheinat

Ala' Altheinat [ Graphic Designer ]

Maram Aldaraiseh

Maram Aldaraiseh [ Activities Manager ]

Sid Elahmadm, PE

Sid Elahmadm, PE [ Board of Advisors, USA ]

Muluken Belay

Muluken Belay [ Board of Advisors, USA ]

Moath ALSayegh

Moath ALSayegh [ Board of Advisors, Jor ]

Mostafa Hassan

Mostafa Hassan [ Board of Advisors, USA ]

Dr.Tamer Youssef

Dr.Tamer Youssef [ Board of Advisors, USA ]

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