GIEE Certified Solar Electrical Engineer Program (CSEE)

The GIEE CSEE training program is a comprehensive training experience over 17 weeks (115 hrs) to equip you to become a specialist in photovoltaic industry and grid integration.

The program includes classroom learning (online-live/onsite), tutorials and hands-on training taught by experienced instructors and seasoned solar energy professionals (professors & Engineers) who are committed to starting a rewarding career in the high-growth solar energy industry.

The program provides comprehensive knowledge and practical applications of photovoltaic system operations, including installation, design, financing and business aspects of managing a PV project. It also provides comprehensive knowledge of integration of distributed energy resources to the electric grid by studying and analyzing the impact and solutions of this integration. GIEE is the first institute that covers the up to date education of the integration of  DERs to the electric grid. 

If you are looking to increase your marketability in the solar and power industry or want to make a career change into this exciting growth industry, the knowledge you will gain in the CSEE program will be the strong foundation for your future growth.



Program Objectives:

- Understand photovoltaic systems design & installation.
- Be familiar with electric power calculations.
- Understand electric distribution systems.
- The ability of performing an impact study of interconnecting PV systems to the grid.
- Ability of using software and programs to help engineers in the design and installation of PV systems and perform impact studies.
- To raise the professional standards of those engaged in photovoltaic, power and distribution systems.
-  Improve the practice of photovoltaic and distribution systems and power quality.



Topics include:

- PV Markets and Applications
- Electricity Basics
- Solar Energy Fundamentals
- PV Module Fundamentals
- System Components
- PV System Sizing
- PV System Electrical Design
- PV System Mechanical Design
- Electrical & Mechanical Integration
- Permit and Inspection
- Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting
- PV Panel Installation (Hands-on)
- Solar System Design (Hands-on)
- Auto-CAD Design for PV Applications
- Maintenance & Trouble Shooting
- Financing a PV Project
- Power Purchase Agreement
- PV Project Management
- Power Systems Analysis
- Power Quality
- Integration of PV Systems
- Software & Programs
- Electric & Construction Safety


Program Plan:

All applicants should take the following courses before they can take the qualifying exam:

- Introduction into Solar Power Systems (EE200). (20hrs, 3 weeks)
- Advanced Solar Power Systems I (EE201). (20hrs, 3 weeks)
- Photovoltaic System Lab (EE203). (20hrs, 1 week)
- Electrical Power Systems Quality (EE314). (15hrs, 3 weeks).
- Introduction to Electrical Power Systems (EE310). (15hrs, 3 weeks)
- Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Systems (EE315). (15hrs, 2 weeks)
- OSHA Construction Safety Training (OSHA10). (10hrs, 2 weeks)

Total Program's Hours: 115 hours, 17 weeks

After successfully finishing the above courses, the applicant should take the program exam.


Program/Exam Requirements:

Applicants to the program or the exam should hold a BS degree in Electrical Engineering or areas related to EE with acceptable quality of undergraduate work from an accredited college or university. All candidates for CSEE certification are required to take a written, open-book examination.



Admission to the program is contingent upon successful completion of a bachelor’s degree. To apply for the program you will need to complete and submit an online application. An official transcript indicating that the degree has been or will soon be awarded must be sent with the application.

Contact us to get additional information about the program and any additional requirements, standards or deadlines.


Required Documents

You should send us the following:

- Resume/CV.
- An official transcript of your grades from the school (university) you attended. The transcript should list all grade points earned and academic work completed.
- An official certificate form the university you attended shows the graduation date.

*You have to be a GIEE member before you can register for the program. Please register now for free!


How to Apply for CSEE Certification:

Step 1: Complete Your CSEE Program Application

All CSEE candidates must complete online CSEE Certification Application. Visit the link below to complete and submit your application.

Program Application

Step 2: Make the Payment

After accepting your application, you will receive an email from us with the details and link to pay the fees.

Step 3: Take all Required courses

You must finish successfully all required courses before you can take the certification written exam.

Step 4: Take the Certification Written Exam

After finish successfully all required courses, then you must take the exam and get at least a grade of 80%. Here is the registration form:

Step 5: Scoring and reporting

CSEE exam results are generally released 4-8 weeks after the exam. You will be notified of your exam results online through your GIEE account and via email.

Step 6: Receive the Certification Materials

You will receive form the institute a package contains all certifications and grade of the courses and a certification of the program in addition to other materials. You will be added to the GIEE certified engineers directory on the website.


What Certified Professionals/Engineers Receive Upon Becoming GIEE Certified

Each GIEE Certified Solar Electrical Engineer will receive:

- Photo identification badge with certification identification number.
- Certificate for each certification earned
- Certificate and transcript for each certified course.
- 50 Personal business cards has CSEE mark.
- Access to a digital version of the CSEE mark logo.



Becoming GIEE Certified Solar Electrical Engineer will enable you to work as (but not limited):

- Photovoltaic Design Engineer.
- Solar Design Engineer.
- PV systems integration Engineer.
- Grid Integration Engineer.
- PV Installation & Design Engineer.
- Renewable Energy Field Engineer.
- Electrical Engineer - Solar/PV design.
- Utility Electrical Engineer.
- PV Solar Inverter - Application Engineer.
- Application Engineer - Photovoltaic Storage.
- Project Engineer - Solar.
- Solar Array Test Data Engineer.
- PV Solar Inverter - R&D Engineer.
- Electrical Engineer-PV systems R&D.


Program Fees

7 courses: $2,600 ($3,617 Value; $1017 saving)
Exam Fee: $400
Certification Application Fees: $250

Total Program fees: $3,250 USD


Renewing Your Certification

All Certified Professionals are required to renew their certification every three years. Your certification will be renewed upon passing the certification exam.

Renew & Exam Fees: $400


For Additional Information About CSEE Certification please contact us:

The Global Institute of Electrical Engineering | GIEE

Bridgeport , CT 06604 USA

or  you can email us at:

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Download Program's Curriculum


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